1. A rare, funny and pretty revealing interview with Spindrift you have probably never seen before…. The band is interviewed about the beginnings of the band, how they all met KP and the beginnings of members from Brian Jonestown Massacre forming a new Spaghetti-Western band called Spindrift in the van of a BJM tour… featuring Jason Plucky Anchondo, Frankie Emerson, Dave Koenig, KP, Dan Allaire and Henry Evans…


  2. To trust someone is to allow them to be everything they are. the morning after girls survived break-ups, break-downs, departures, arrivals and deportations. When the smoke cleared, they toured North America - playing music to gather people together. The ensuing miles would be their greatest test. As individuals and as a band, they found themselves on the wrong side of the law, the wrong side of the clock, and the wrong side of the wheel…


    » Click the video to watch the trailer on Vimeo!

  3. We will always remember the MAG 2011 tour of North America: of late night phone calls, stressed out booking agents and stranded bands. But it was also a tour of lots of good memories and great Morning After Girls shows. Luckily this was all documented by filmmaker David Hilbert and available for your reliving. We highly, highly, mega-super over-the-top recommend joining the guys for the adventure,

    At least in 35mm…


    the morning after girls ‘alone in north america’

  4. The Carrions “I Feel Alive” from the new album A New Level of Neon… Director’s Cut!

  5. The new video for “Alpha Waves in a Gelatinous Conductor”, from DTCV’s new album Hilarious Heaven is here!

    To watch on Vimeo, click here:



  7. DTCV's new song Tiptoe is on this cool L.A. RECORD comp and it's free to download!


  9. M is for Misandry, short film and preview of the upcoming music video for The Carrions “I Feel Alive” from A New Level of Neon. Directed by Mando Lopez (of The Breeders) and Kevin Beauchamp. Happy Halloween!

  10. The front cover of DTCV's “Hilarious Heaven” by Robert Pollard of GBV.

    Digital download coming out very soon…